NEDS 2020 Digital
Public Awareness campaign

Welcome to the Public Awareness campaign of NEDS 2020 Digital. On the 9th of November, 20 startups in the Defence and Security industry participated in the NEDS 2020 Digital event! During this Public Awareness campaign, we provide these startups with the platform to showcase their expertise for developing solutions to modern-day threats. Which startup do you think stands out and will make a difference to their respective industry?

Startups are able to showcase their innovations while you can vote for which startup and innovation you find most promising and relevant. The startup with the most votes will be announced and gain exposure on the main stage on the 19th of November at 16:00! 

If you identified a startup that you want to get in contact with, please visit NEDS 2020 Digital and join their exhibition booth during NEDS 2020 Digital and learn more about their latest developments.

Click on a startup to learn more about their innovations and cast your vote!